Equipment & Library Books

Equipment to hire

Email to enquire about hiring club equipment.

Breastfeeding  Pillow  
Foam filled semi-circular with a strap to do up behind back. 100% cotton cover is removable and washable.         
$0 per month + $10 Bond

Twin Snap'n'Go
Holds two capsules, handy for early months to move sleeping babies uninterrupted from the car. Note: this does not include the car seat capsules     
$5 per month + $40 Bond

Baby Swing Rockers       
Learning Curve brand, Gentle Glider model baby swings. Battery operated with adjustable speed, selection of musical songs, harness and motorised mobile. These swings follow a soothing back & forth gliding motion to settle baby in a semi-upright position. For this reason they have been recommended as potentially helpful for babies with colic/reflux. Please note, this is for babies less than 11kg and the swings never be used on an elevated surface. We have 3 x swings in our pool.     
$5 per month + $30 Bond (price per rocker)

Bumbo Seat with Trays (x2)        
Hired out as a set of two. Includes detachable tray, perfect for feeding or play time. Chairs will help your baby into the upright position until baby can sit unsupported. Chairs are soft, comfortable, light-weight and portable. Bumbos should only be used on the floor; never use on a raised surface. It is not a car seat or a bath seat and should not be used on beds, sofas or cushions. Babies should not be left unattended.             
$5 per month + $40 Bond (price for set x2)

Jolly Jumper & Jumping Joey     
Hired out as a set of two. The jumpers give baby complete freedom of movement as they develop their coordination and keep them entertained until they are walking on their own. Each comes with a door clamp for secure fit to interior doorway (doorway must be 3-6" in thickness with a firmly attached door trim of at least 1/2" wide). Removable seat pad for machine washing and adjustable straps accommodate baby's changing height and weight. Use from 4mths up to walking age (safe to 31kgs)             
$5 per month + $25 Bond (price for set x2)

Two portacots in great condition, one with a detachable bassinet setting and change table.         
$5 per month + $65 Bond (price for set x2)

Vicks Vaporiser
The vaporiser plugs in and produces steam for temporary relief from coughing and congestion whilst baby is asleep       
$5 per month + $30 Bond

Baby Rockers    
These rockers follow a soothing back & forth motion to settle baby in a semi-upright position. For this reason they have been recommended as potentially helpful for babies with colic/reflux.  $5 per month
+ $20 Bond (price per rocker)

Library Books

Email to rent a book.

A contented House with Twins - Gina Ford
Baby Whispering - Sharlene Poole
Before Your Kids Drive You Crazy - Nigel Latta
Emotionally Healthy Twins - Joan A. Friedman
Everything You Need To Know About A Healthy Twin Pregnancy - Gila Lester MD
Fathers Who Dare Win - Ian Grant
Having Twins and More - Elizabeth Noble
Kid Wrangling - Kaz Cooke
Parenting School Aged Twins - Christina Baglivi Tinglof
Potty Training In One Week - Gina Ford
Princess Poppy, The Baby Twins (child fiction book) - Janey Louise Jones
Raising Twins - Eileen Pearlman & Jill Ganon
Secrets of The Baby Whisperer - Tracey Hogg
The Sleep Book - Kathy MacDonald
Toddler Taming - Christopher Green
365 Toddler Tips - Penny Warner and Paula Kelly
Twins Practical  & Emotional Guide to Parenting Twins - Katrina Bowman & Louise Ryan
Twins 101, 50 Must Have Tips - Khan-Van Le Bucklin
Twins, Triplets and More - Elizabeth Bryan
When You're Expecting Twins, Triplets or Quads - Dr Babara Luke